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Mission Statement
Compel USA exists for the purpose of wrestling control of workers’ compensation away from those who exploit the system and back in the hands of employers.

The Compel Method – Engineering a New Reality

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As one of the largest independent agencies in the US we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our internal workers’ compensation claims management support to our clients. Our partnership with WCCA has allowed us to take this to another level. WCCA represents our insureds as an independent third party representing our client’s interest. The WCCA Claim Engineering Method is able to create guaranteed, unprecedented results- way beyond what any insurance agent is able to do.

J.Trent Hunt, Partner/COO
Logan Lavelle Hunt a Shepherd partner
Shepherd Financial

WCCA has demonstrated their value since we started working together in 2014. Over that time, our Experience MOD has dropped 127 points which has made an enormous impact on our workers’ compensation expenses. They continue to take the time to explain the data and have been very easy to work with. All our expectations have been met year after year. I have also been very happy with the pricing for this service. Really a “no brainer” with this one. I highly recommend WCCA to any company that is looking to lower expenses. That means all of us! You won’t be disappointed! Tens of thousands saved in a short period of time.

Troy Hyde

It is my pleasure to comment on our partnership experience working with WCCA. The move to the relationship with WCCA was one of the smartest investments we at AWARE has ever made. The Workers Compensation Industry can be so bogged down with bureaucracy, that the importance of managing claims timely is lost. Of course when this happens, this costs no one but us employers and can a negative financial impact for several years into the future. Once we began working with WCCA, we instantly saw rewards for not only us administrators, or the bottom line, but for those who need it most, our employees. The process is streamlined, consistent, employee friendly and extremely valuable. It is in every businesses best interest to engage with WCCA if you are serious about running an efficient workers compensation program, we are glad we did!

P: 406.563.8117 | C: 406.560.1646
205 E. Park Ave. | Anaconda, MT 59711

Pete King Construction Co.
Phoenix, AZ

The WCCA method has proven to be indispensable in our ability to get workers’ compensation costs under control. Alma and our WCCA team have become integral parts of our operations. WCCA showed us how managing our workers’ compensation claims reduces claims costs resulting in a lower EMR. Not only is our workers’ compensation premium sliced by our low EMR, it makes us more attractive to carriers who are now willing to give us larger scheduled credits as a result of our efforts.

Alma and her team are always there for us. This is especially important when we have an unusual claim and we aren’t sure how to handle it. They also work with our carrier to ensure claims are being handled in a proper manner.

By utilizing WCCA’s strategies, we have brought our EMR down to .50 effective 8/1/2018.

I recommend any company who is ready to make changes in order to reduce workers’ compensation premiums utilize WCCA to help them achieve this goal.

Very truly yours,
Diana Frey